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Hugs, laughter and longing

You left us 2 years ago. 730 days ago our hearts were broken. Your Dad and I miss you. Avery and Connor miss you! Poppy & MiMi miss you! Jade misses you! We miss hearing your voice, your laughter, our many conversations about sports or work. Your presence in our kitchen preparing your meals. The smell of laundry full of your work out clothes and your cologne. Your dad misses your tight hugs, luring you by asking you to pop his back. You would always squeeze him tight and goose him immediately after! He knew how strong you’d gotten and could no longer fend off your tickling him! You both would laugh so hard as you held each other.

I miss waking up and knowing you were across the hall. From my pillow I can see directly into your room where you slept. I miss our conversations when you would come home and tell me about your day. Just a couple of weeks before you left us, you came home, I was in bed but awake waiting to make sure you got home. Your Dad was out of town working. You came up to our bedroom. You began telling me about your day. You sprawled out on your dads side of the bed. We talked for several minutes and before I knew it you were snoring. Still in your clothes and shoes. I laid and looked at you and just smiled. What a beautiful young man you had grown to be! I awoke the next morning and you hadn’t moved. I knew you were exhausted. I also knew you’d wake up and have no memory of falling asleep in our bed! You did wake up and we both laughed. I will cherish that memory forever! You were still my baby even at 6’ 1”! We never stop longing for more of these moments. 😔 We love and miss you beyond words our beautiful boy. 🙏🏼💜

One Reply to “Hugs, laughter and longing”

  1. What a wonderful memory of your sweet Pierce. These memories are now treasures to have in your heart forever. I feel like I know Pierce through your memories. I hope nothing more than that our kids are gathered together in Heaven worshiping God. I know Pierce would be so proud of all of you.


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