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What if……………….

I’ve been unable to put my thoughts and feelings on paper. The Christmas holidays followed by the one year date of your leaving this earth have been very hard. Very hard to relive our last days with you, our last hugs, conversations, photos, voice mails, texts and our last I Love You’s. Our grief swallows us at times. Even though I know better, my mind goes toward all the what if’s and whys. What if you could have survived? What if they could have breathed life back into you? It seems a very selfish thing to ask because I know your injuries would’ve meant unbearable pain. My mind knows this but my heart wants you here any way I could have you.

My heart and mind both know you wouldn’t have wanted to live with mental or physical limitations or to have been dependent on others. You were always very independent and strong willed. We had to get a copy of Dr. Dobsons “Strong Willed Child” before your 2nd Birthday. I prayed God would use your strong will in a positive way. It wasn’t always easy and you tested our patience at times!Sports gave you an outlet for your endless energy, determination and strong will. God used sports and the brotherhood of teammates and coaches to draw you closer to him. God knew where he could best reach you and guide you. On a field or a court! He surrounded you with wonderful friends, teammates, coaches and teachers who loved you and more importantly they loved the Lord! We are forever grateful for the positive influence and guidance they provided.

As you entered adulthood you were focused on staying fit and eating healthy. No matter how bad an influence we were in this area you were determined. You prepared your meals in advance and planned ahead. You even packed meals to travel for your FEDEX training in Charlotte! We thought you were nuts! You could eat anywhere you wanted and use your perdiem from FEDEX! You also mapped out where the YMCA was from your hotel. You we’re committed! You journaled everything from your workouts, your meals and your thoughts. Your last entry was Dec. 29, 2018 😔

Pierce you were in the best shape. I have no doubt you would’ve fought through anything if you could’ve. I also have no doubt you would’ve been devastated had anything happened to Jade or others that night. For reasons I may never understand this side of Heaven, God needed you with him. He needed a strong willed, energetic, determined Angel!

This season and every season Pierce we miss you so much it hurts. We love you and long to hold you one day soon! Love Mom & Dad

Proverbs 3:5-6

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