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Our Response

Our local newspaper ran this story on Friday, January 25th.

This is our response:

Defense’s claim is false. Video footage of the crash shows no cars or traffic in the right hand lane. The defendant chose to swerve left into our son’s car head on. Pierce’s headlights were on and the defendant chose the most dangerous and deadly option. He could have chosen to brake or swerve to the right lane, which was clear.

As to defendant’s criminal history. Crossing the border illegally and never attempting in 14 years to obtain citizenship is a crime.

As to his past in his country. Can he prove he was in the Mexican military, a police officer, wounded by a gang or his father-in-law has cancer? Where would we verify this information? I don’t know how the military or police work in his country, but there’s no military or police I know who would sit in their vehicle like a coward and not try to help the person he just hit head on and caused their car to spin into other traffic. The young man the defendant caused to hit Pierce rendered aid to our son as soon as he got out of his vehicle, but the defendant never left his truck. I don’t care what he claims to have been in his country, he has shown no attempt to be responsible while in this country. No citizenship, no driver’s license, no insurance, no compassion or remorse for our son who laid dying on the side of the road. He had plenty of opportunities in 14 years to do things the right way and certainly that night he showed, yet again, his lack of responsibility.

Mr. Stephens, How dare you say no one else in that court room has more reason to stay in this community than your client! What is it you claim he’s done for this community? We don’t know because he’s living in the shadows. What we do know is he took the life of our youngest son, Pierce. He watched others pull Pierce’s body from his car and try to revive him. Never checking to see if he could help in any way. There were many people affected that night. They will be changed forever by what they witnessed. Pierce’s girlfriend, Jade, who was injured physically and emotionally. The young man traveling with his sister and her 3 month old who was unable to avoid hitting Pierce’s car due to your client negligently crossing the centerline, hitting Pierce head on. That young man, after checking on his family, rushed to Pierce, whose car was careened to the opposite side of the highway. The good samaritans who stopped to help. The first responders, who would later learn Pierce was a child of one of their own. The Trauma team, who learned one of their coworkers was on her way by ambulance and they would have to tell her she lost her best friend she loved so much. Do you really understand how many people he has caused grief? Being part of a community means taking great care to be a good neighbor, coworker, friend and citizen. You can be none of these if you do not follow laws, rules or guidelines. You can tell everyone about what your client allegedly did while in his country, but his actions while in mine cost my son his life. I can, however, tell you and prove to you what Pierce did for his community. He most recently attended Sevier Heights Baptist Church. He worked for FEDEX Express as a courier. He bought a brand new car on his own in 2017. He was an insured driver. He was studying to get his personal trainer certification and worked out daily. He was CPR certified. He journaled everyday his spiritual, fitness and nutritional goals. He was compassionate toward others and made friends easily. He remained close to his childhood friends and teammates as well as their families. He saved money for a down payment for a house and had put a ring in layaway for his girlfriend Jade. He was planning his future. Mr. Stephens, I dare say Pierce had every reason to stay in his community.

18 Replies to “Our Response”

  1. THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS ! Fourteen years of slithering in the shadows of our nation with no plans to do anything but be ”self serving ” not paying any income tax , not trying for any legal status . Why is our tax dollars paying for ”legal aid”? He and others that are ”illegal” are a slap in the face to those that go the ropes to be a US citizen . Think about it, IF he had all the wonderful attributes in his own country , why , would he leave to be running in the shadows ? Why ? There is a reason why ? It is ”hear say ” without proof , we as a US citizen can never enter ”hear say” in the court of law it would have been stricken from the records ! We the people are sick of the double standards ! Why was his blood not taken after a head on collision resulting in a fatality ? THIS IS A SLAP IN ALL OF OUR FACES !

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  2. This breaks my heart. Thank you for expressing your grief and the scope of the truth of events/results/ripple effects. I’ll be praying for all. Robert

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    1. Chuck and Nancy care deeply …. for illegal aliens and other criminals. They not only don’t care about law abiding tax paying American citizens they hate them.

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  3. A human tragedy caused by a person who has shown nothing but disdain for the laws of this country and contempt for its people, abetted by all the mush-headed bleeding hearts who apparently feel that any and everyone has the absolute right to ignore our laws and do as they please in our nation. We shouldn’t keep letting the politicians, church leaders, and other elites in our society continue their active support for illegal immigration—and active efforts to frustrate any measure that would actually be effective at stopping it—without any consequences! Countless acts of criminality, petty or depraved, continue to flood our streets day after day, year after year, and we have in this country a whole industry grown up around abetting illegal immigrants—businesses hiring them instead of legal immigrants or Americans for a fair wage, NGOs providing illegals with all manner of benefits—or helping them make obtain them from the government, legally or not, immigration attorneys paid by the taxpayers to prevent the efficient operation of existing immigration laws and cynically make fraudulent claims of asylum, federal agencies like the IRS who connive to enable illegals to commit identity and document fraud with no consequences as they blatantly and openly violate our employment laws, colleges who scheme to give illegals in state tuition—but not native born Americans—and to promote intellectually illegal immigration as though it were a special right of all poor people around the world to come to the USA, regardless of what its citizens want; and most of all the politicians, especially but not exclusively in the Democratic Party, who love importing more poor, government-dependent people into our country, utterly transforming its character and its politics, even though no one ever voted for any of it, meanwhile screaming that anyone who objects to this slow motion invasion is a xenophobic racist.

    We have to start holding the people, especially those in government, who actively promote, abet, subsidize, and enable illegal immigration, accountable. The government’s number one job is to defend its citizens and the integrity of our country’s borders from invasion by foreigners. If the government refuses to do that, if it wants to replace its people with another people, then the government is illegitimate and has no authority over any of us. Are we a nation of laws or one of men—or not even a nation at all? My fellow Americans, this family has suffered a horrible outrage and all those who in ways large and small support illegal immigration share in the blame for this tragedy. Nothing we can do will assuage the pain and heartache the young man’s family and friends will always feel. But we can do something to stop it from happening to the next young man and his family, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, …

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  4. This is completely insane! Extreme flight risk, bond should not have been granted. What was the prosecutor doing or not doing to allow the defense to be granted a bond?? I very much doubt all the claims of what his employment was in Mexico. I just can’t understand and I feel terrible for the family having to go through yet another hearing!

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