A Brother’s Love❤️

The following is a message from my other brother, Connor Corcoran.❤️ The bond that, Connor, Pierce and I had will never be broken. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and sweet comments.

A lot of people don’t know what it’s like to grow up with a younger brother. To give you a firsthand account, it’s a trial. Brotherhood is a friendship that’s full of challenges, as well as rewards. As an older brother, you get to watch a younger version of yourself grow and make the same mistakes you did, as well as learn from the mistakes you were still making. They crave your attention and approval, and you’ll never deserve it or understand it.

I was blessed to have a brother like Pierce. Through all the challenges between each other, and against the world, we were always there to prepare each other for anything and create better versions of ourselves. From the day he was born, I had a friend and a rival that nothing could have ever prepared me for.

Younger brothers have a knack for getting under your skin, because nobody could ever know you better, or want to be closer to you for no reason at all. Many people learn about unconditional love from their parents, but I’ll always accredit what I’ve learned about unconditional love to Pierce. I wasn’t the best brother growing up, and brothers fight. At least that’s how many people would see it, but in actuality, brothers challenge each other’s experience, passion, skill, talent and character in many ways, and as two competitive young boys, neither of us were very gracious losers. More often than not, I was the one being the sore loser, and taking it out on him.

I was just an ignorant, competitive young kid that couldn’t understand why he had such a fascination with everything I was interested in, and until many years later, it never occurred to me that he was always trying to impress me and get me to see him for the man he was so quickly becoming. And let me say that Pierce became one hell of a young man. Through all the challenges I issued him as an older brother, Pierce became the man he wanted to be despite my challenges and through them, and still considered me an equal even though he surpassed me in so many ways years ago. I was blessed to have a brother like Pierce.

He was kind, generous, virtuous, faithful, and fun loving. More so than anyone I know. As much as he looked up to me, I look up to him now. I’m proud to say he was my brother.

-Connor Daniel Corcoran


12 Replies to “A Brother’s Love❤️”

  1. Okay you have me crying again. Your words were from the heart and I wish every Oder brother could read them .l am so proud of you and love you so much. Praying for all who love Pierce with out ceasing.


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