Justice For Pierce Corcoran

Pierce was only 2-3 years old in this picture; it was taken in St. Pete, Florida on a family vacation. This is how I will always remember him: as my innocent baby brother.❤️

The following is a eulogy that I wrote and read aloud at Pierce’s funeral. It was something I never wanted to nor ever thought I would be writing.- Avery(Pierce’s only and oldest sister)

“This is my life. I will create my own successes and my own failures. I have worth in my soul and my actions still matter.”-Pierce Kennedy Corcoran

These are some of the words I found scrawled in an unassuming, gray notebook on the dash of my baby brother’s car, riddled with shards of glass. My. Actions. Still. Matter.

In a world that so rarely makes sense, My. Actions. Still. Matter.

I remember when Pierce first arrived into our lives, ushering in the month of August and bestowing upon my brother Connor and I some Hunchback of Notre Dame figurines, which we both knew were really from our parents to get us adjusted to having a new family member around. Even so, it worked.

Avery, Connor and Pierce. When it came to matters of diplomacy, in the early days, we often settled arguments the way three siblings usually do: two against one. We had our spats, over toys and crayons, but at the end of the day, we loved each other. Good things come in threes.

Pierce was, without a doubt, the jock in our family. Every type of sport you could think of, he tried and excelled at it. He was always up for trying new things and had a great sense of humor. He towered above the rest of us at over 6 feet tall, but a part of me will always see him as my youngest brother, with a shock of blonde hair, running around at our local pool, wearing a bubble to help him swim and his trademark glasses.

Pierce was also a hard worker, working fulltime, making steps towards earning a personal trainer certification, all while balancing out a very active social life. If you were Pierce’s friend, you could count yourself as lucky. He loved fiercely, always was encouraging, and made a point to keep up with you, no matter how busy he was.

Pierce was generous with his money, but most importantly, his TIME and his LOVE. I remember calling him sometimes and even if he was busy, he would just listen to me, even if I was complaining about things that seem ridiculous now.

Pierce was pursuing homeownership. We had often schemed about how we could find him a house on our street since Connor and I are neighbors. We had big plans for a “Corcoran Development” right around the corner from our childhood home.

In the little notebook we found in what was left of my baby brother’s car, he spoke of dreams. Of plans. Of hopes and thoughts. In his 22 years here on earth, he reached so many goals and had so many accomplishments, but I think one of his biggest accomplishments was the love he gave and received.

In confusing times like this, it is easy to think that nothing matters. To respond with hatred instead of love. What keeps me going is knowing that I will see Pierce’s familiar smile again, not only peeking at me out of old home movies, but in heaven, a place where there is no suffering and no loneliness.

All I ask is that everyone here try their best to be PRESENT.

It is so easy to get swooped up in unimportant things. Work, social media, grudges and more. Even when things seem hopeless, YOUR. ACTIONS. STILL. MATTER.

We love you, Pierce. Whenever I am asked how many brothers I have, I will say two. One of them just happens to be in heaven and I will see him again someday.


9 Replies to “Justice For Pierce Corcoran”

  1. I did not know your brother, Pierce, nor do I know any of your family. I only know that I have been grieving for your loss and am terribly sorry you and your family have had to go through this. Being an illegal alien in itself is a crime, but not having control of the vehicle is a tragedy and it makes me angry that such a senseless act has taken a young man’s life who had such promise in his life. My words won’t give you any comfort but perhaps knowing that someone who doesn’t know any of you cares will someday help you. I will continue to pray.

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  2. What a beautiful tribute you shared! I was so blessed to be able to work with your mom a few years ago., and through those times, getting to know a lot of your extended family! (You and your brothers are still in my mind like the ages of Pierce you’ve posted in this picture). God blessed you, Connor and Pierce beyond measure with such amazingly wonderful parents! They were totally devoted to you all, as only so many children can dream of! My heart breaks for you all so much!! For as a parent (or sibling), this is everyone’s worst fear- to lose someone out of the natural order of life! I’m praying for you all frequently and will continue, as the Lord brings you to my mind constantly. In such difficult times for your family, you all have been the extension of Gods mercy and grace to others, that He is using and will continue to use in a mightly way for His glory! Yes our actions still matter!!!! And I know Pierce is smiling down on how your families actions very much matter now!!! God bless you all greatly!!

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  3. I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my two oldest brothers, but not in such a horrendous way. Mine passed from heart attacks. The oldest at 60, the second at 64. While our grief is monumentous, we tell ourselves there are many, many who were not lucky enough to even make it to 60.
    Your brother is one who we grieve for, for we understand the pain of the loss. For him to be taken in such a way that there is no explanation as to why, must be your living hell. Why are illegals treated better than our own citizens? Why this, why that?
    Please know that there are MILLIONS of Americans fighting the fight to deport, and keep them out. It is my personal fight. I am outraged at how this happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and nothing changes.
    Pierce is still with you, you just can’t see him. He’s protecting you, and guiding you. You will see him again. My brothers (and my parents) have visited me in dreams. It’s an awesome experience. Open your mind to it, open your heart, and you too, will have a visit.
    Pierce is always with you. He’s in your heart, so he’s everywhere you go.
    Prayers for healing, strength and peace.

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